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Women in Pakistan are expected to adopt the role of a house wife and caretaker of whole family. I have seen a lot of talented, highly educated ladies who become very good entrepreneurs and workers, spending their time in managing the house and family instead of running their own businesses or concentrate on their career. The reason comes out as usual “they are not allowed by their families or husbands to do”.

I consider that, this is violation of basic human rights that our religion gave the women since 1400 years ago. The man’s ego won’t allow his life partner to earn equally or more than him. Woman has her own dreams which she always put aside to play her role as a house wife. In my opinion women are far better than man in time management because they manage kids, house matters, look after her husband’s parents, manage whole family at same time. She is very good in budgeting, savings, handling administrative and other issues, able to convince through logic and above all very patient. She is better in multi-tasking and far better in communication skills as compared to male if they have a solid educational back ground. I met a lot of multi-talented ladies who manage their house in better and organize way while running businesses successfully.

 If we go through the statistics, nearly 65% of the female doctors don’t continue their services after completing house jobs or married, 80% of business graduates sit at home after getting degree or married, only 10 % of female entrepreneurs are running their own business. Their scope of jobs is always limited to teaching, customer care, call centers, designing, training, beautician and fashion.

In order to grow as nation we need their presence in all fields whether its education, IT, telecom, small and medium enterprises, textiles, banking, health care, fashion, electronic and print media, HR and all other possible venues for them. Women need to join hands with men in contributing overall growth of the country by getting equal opportunities in the jobs and assurance from their families to pursue their carriers in the way she wants.

It is a time for all women to stand up and speak for their basic living rights and with their presence already in the national assembly and senate, raise their voice to change the world around them which is wrongly dominated by the men. They have education, talent and a strong will to compete men in all fields of practical life. Their presence should not be limited to certain agreed and determined fields by our society. Chance should be given to pursue their dreams, earn their own livelihood, and become less dependent on men who always use women’s dependency as their weakness. We need a rapid growth to have a strong position against the overall economic disorder in the country & across the world by allowing women to come forward for joining hands with men in the progress and development for beloved country.

Economic indicators suggest that life will be very tough in the coming years, a single earning hand in a house won’t be sufficient to survive. Men and women have to work together to survive in the coming days. Our society has already seeing a change where kids start working to cover their education expenses while studying at colleges or universities, and the next step would be the partnership of men and women to carry the burden of expenses by equal sharing. Our religion allows women to work and earn with certain conditions which are not at all difficult to manage.

It is a common dilemma that we would hire the most beautiful lady in our office but we will not allow our wives to go out and work with a reason that our society is not good enough to allow them to work outside. We should develop a working environment where all parents and husbands send their daughters and wives without any worry.

Women can scarifies each and every second of their life for man’s comfort and ease but males are currently trying to control each and every movement in their life like puppet masters controlling the moves and moods of a puppet but women are human beings not robots or puppets. They have likes and dislikes, ambitions in life, plans for themselves. They want to achieve success, get fame out of their work and business treated well, an understanding life partner to provide comfort in her life. They need share in the progress and development of country, appropriate field of work, equal chances to earn their livelihoods, maintain their grace and dignity, get confidence from bunch of family members around them and ensure their full support to get success in life.

In Pakistan, girls live under extreme conditions. In our society all the restrictions and rules are for the girls. Everyone in the family and outside tries to enforce its authority over them. Girl play role of daughter, wife, mother, and sister and yet she is considered inferior and her role is always downplayed. If girl tries to support her family or herself, she is ridiculed and laughed away. Still, the “kamai” or earning of the girl is considered shameful in many quarters of our society. In offices and in business, girls are harassed, and everybody takes them as thing of sex.

Pakistani society hates to see a self-reliant attitude among girls and young women manifested in ambition, assertiveness, and individualism. They are dead against women liberation and they want to keep them under shackles. Despite of these hardships girls tend to prove their mettle time and get success in all fields of the life.

Over 51% of Pakistan’s population consists of women. Today women are in important positions in industrial, commercial, as well as service sectors. Women are also working in Parliament and government. The Speaker of the National Assembly, the Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly, Ministers, Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan and even the Chairperson of Karachi Port Trust are women.

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