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Today world has changed with the advent of modern technology. In the current era, people can’t imagine to spend their life without using mobiles and internet. Now a day, mobile can be used for number of purposes rather than just talk and chat with friends and family due to having number of applications which attract users for fun and entertainment by accessibility of internet, games and large number of applications in mobiles and smart phones. Same case with the internet, people used to chat, watching and downloading movies and songs, playing games instead of searching useful information. So with the advent of modern technology, today’s people are more susceptible to the dangers of society than ever before. Parents are worried about their children, want to monitor their activities on cell phone and internet browsing. Many companies or business owners feared from employees that might they share important and secret information with others.

Online Monitoring and Tracking Applications

For above mentions problems, monitoring, spying, tracking applications are solutions for parents, business owners and cheating spouse. Android spy is a mobile and internet application which is used to monitoring, tracking, and spying by using the Android OS on mobiles, smart phones, computers and laptops. It is a very powerful tool, beneficial for monitoring your teens, cheating spouse, employees and backup your own cell phone and internet activities. This high tech software will allow you to see exactly what happens on your Smartphone, laptop while you are away or what your kid’s texting, calling or browsing all hours of the night?

Mobile tracking (Android)

Android monitoring, spying, tracking applications can be use by downloading these applications directly into the required device that you intend to monitor,  After running set up the Android applications becomes undetectable and starts secretly to records a range of information and anonymously uploads all the information in a private account. All of this happens in the background, person will never realize it while using their phone or browsing internet. This tool is ease in use, having simple interface and user friendly. When parents want to view, they simply login account by entering the username and password on the website from any computer, anywhere and any time to proceed.

The internet and mobile phone are open source to do, view, save or download any things which make it easier for children to get in touch which parents restrict for child safety. So Teen’s phones and internet monitoring has become a big concern among parents. Text messages and mobile internet have become an essential part of a teen’s life.

SMART Phone monitoring

Monitoring, spying, tracking applications used in mobile and smart phone for monitoring the record of sending and receiving text messages and MMS messages with date and time along with the number, listening incoming and dialing phone conversation along with surroundings, or even intercepting in a live phone conversation. It captures the time, call duration of every call.  It also help to secretly track exact location of your children and spouse with the GPS locations of the phone by using popular mapping software Google Maps and provides time and date as well. You can log into your account to see whether your child is still at school or at a friend’s house, or somewhere. All of this is done without knowing the cell phone user’s that they are being spy upon. After installing the Android spy software, it starts silently record certain cell events. If the information is deleted from the phone, this application has saved, nothing can be hide from this, Therefore lots of people in the world today especially parents have found many uses for this type of technology because sometimes their kids lying to them about where they go, to whom they talk, who is calling them, where they are actually, maybe their children are involved in a prohibited activities so they are worried about their children so Android spy application is a perfect choice of the parents.

Computer Monitoring

Monitoring, spying, tracking applications are also used in computer and laptop as well for monitoring internet browsing that tracks and records all information instantly which can be viewed from any computer, laptop and mobile. All URL website addresses visited by using phones or computers are record. It secretly keeps tab on your teen’s communications on internet, safeguard your teen from sexing, exploitation, harassment and internet dangers. Even though children try to erase the evidence of anything being viewed or sent but these applications can record this information in the exact moment that it is happening to prevent loss of any evidence.

Monitoring, spying, tracking applications is a monitoring application that is used for numerous of reasons, although a few of them might not be seen as appropriate in everybody’s eyes, it is up to you, choosing the best use of the application based on their situation. These applications help parents in controlling of what their kids are doing on internet and mobiles. It will help in revealing the truth, people will know what is happening in real time, and security concerned can be handled easily.

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